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Welcome to BubbleBurster.co.uk - Bubble Burster.co.uk is a unique and novel business service, I will tell you why your business idea will not work.

Sorry, but I'm not going to be nice to you, in fact, if you fit into one of the categories below I'm going to burst your bubble!

  1. You have a business idea that you would like to exploit
  2. You are about to setup your own new business
  3. You have recently set up a new business

What do I mean by 'burst your bubble'? Well, I'm going to tell you, in no uncertain terms:

  • why your business idea is worth zilch
  • that your business model contains more holes than a sieve
  • why your business has as much chance of staying afloat as a brick
  • why you should stick with your day job rather than pursue your 'dream'

OK, maybe I'm being a little over-dramatic, but be sure that I'm not going to tell you what you *want* to hear, but I will tell you what you *need* to hear. This service is not for everyone or even most people, in fact, the vast majority of people would much rather exist in a continued state of denial with their heads firmly buried in the comforting sand than hear what I have to say. It's your business idea, you are wedded to it and it's difficult to see it as it truly is, warts 'n all as they say.

The problem you face is that all the people you might have asked for guidance, help and advice about your business idea have the same agenda. You speak to your accountant, the bank manager, your loved ones, Business Link, friends and colleagues about your business idea and they all come back with pretty much the same thing... "what a great idea". You walk, head held high, in the belief that you are the future MD of some international mega corporation. The trouble with the approach you've taken for testing the soundness of your business idea is that you've asked all the wrong people because they either:

  1. don't want to hurt your feelings
  2. don't know anything about starting and running a successful business
  3. are paid to help support you in your present / intended venture i.e. they will help you make the best of a bad decision.

If you don't believe me conjure up a business idea that's a bit naff and bounce it off a few of your mates, ask your partner whether they think it's got any merit. Better still book an appointment with your accountant or a Business Link advisor... I'm betting they will not tell you the idea is garbage but they will instead offer ideas about how you can make the business idea *less* garbage! I'm not deriding the function that bodies like Business Link perform, I actually think they're great and I've used them myself on numerous occasions; the point I am making is that they start with your idea and try to make it better, they don't start by critiquing the idea itself. Surely there's more money to be made by optimising and refining a solid business model than by trying to squeeze some worth out of a business idea that was flawed before it even left the drawing board?

What I give you is honest, direct and expert advice about your business idea – I do not know you so I do not feel obliged to be either nice or unpleasant to you. You are challenging me to find weaknesses in your proposed business model, if I can't do that then you really should sleep better at night and have much more confidence in your business idea.

I started this page with the word 'sorry'... while I am sorry if your business idea turns out to be a duffer I am not sorry about bringing this to your attention. By doing so I will be saving you a whole heap of time, money, effort and tears that you might otherwise have poured into your business venture without any return. If your idea is worth diddly squat then the sooner you realise it the sooner you can think up and plan a better one, one that might actually mean you do end up as that MD of that international mega corporation in a few years time!

Aren't I being extraordinally arrogant by telling you your business idea will fail?


If you would like an honest assessment of your business idea from an authority in starting and running businesses and would like to benefit a charity at the same time then please contact me.

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