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Austen Jones - Business ConsultantHow can I be so audacious, so presumptuous as to boldly inform you that your business idea is worth nothing? What gives me the right to tell you about *your* business?

Good questions, in response, there are three answers really:

  1. Firstly, 80% plus of new businesses fail. So, without knowing anything about you or your business, by predicting it's inability to fly I am going to be right so much of the time that you may think that I'm clairvoyant!
  2. Secondly, some people have lots of experience, some people have lots of qualifications and a few people, like me, have lots of both. I am a Chartered Engineer, I have a Masters degree in Management and Manufacturing, I have a PhD in implementing performance improving business systems and processes, I have setup four companies from scratch all of which are still trading, I am the Marketing Director of a marketing company, I am the Managing Director of a consultancy and software house that focuses on improving and growing UK SMEs, I have presented papers at international conferences, I have dealt with a mass of different businesses of all sizes and many different flavours. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else, what I am saying though is that I am credible and knowledgeable and the wide breadth of experiences I have had and the lessons I have learned from being there and doing it myself mean that you should at least listen to what I say and consider the points I make about your business.
  3. Finally, I'm honest. I'm going to tell you what I think rather than what you want to hear, although I would obviously rather that the two were the same!

So why would you want to use me?


If you would like an honest assessment of your business idea from an authority in starting and running businesses and would like to benefit a charity at the same time then please contact me.

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