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I should say that I don't think of myself as cheap. You should feel easier about this knowing that the money you pay doesn't end up in my pocket it is paid to a charity. All of it. The only money you pay me is for my travelling costs and maybe a couple of quid for a sandwich depending how far you are away and the length of our meeting.

I do not have a fixed rate for this service – you are free to make me an offer, assuming it is anything other than insulting we should be able to arrange a meeting. Because I do not get paid for this service I am obviously restricted as to how often I can do this type of work, currently 1 meeting per fortnight is practical for me.

In terms of deciding how much you would like to offer for the service I would suggest that you consider:

  • That the fee is going to charity rather than lining my pockets!
  • The quality of the business advice you will be receiving.
  • The value of the service i.e. consider the cost, both financial and personal, that you would incur by blindly following a flawed business idea!

Sound fair? Want to get in touch?


If you would like an honest assessment of your business idea from an authority in starting and running businesses and would like to benefit a charity at the same time then please contact me.

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