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This is the first and only business service of its type – it's unique and novel (if I'm wrong then correct me!). You should use the Bubble Burster service because:

  1. you could save a whole wodge of money... by not investing your money in a business that wouldn't work.
  2. you could make you a wodge of extra cash... by addressing the weaknesses of your business idea your resulting business will be more effective and successful.
  3. you could save you lots of time... by not chasing after a pipe dream of a business you will have lots more time to put to a much better use
  4. I am highly qualified both in terms of academic achievements and also in terms of experience i.e. you will be getting excellent advice.
  5. I'm you're only hope for truly, honest and impartial expert advice.
  6. I may be able toget you discounted business services i.e. logo design, website design, business stationery printing etc.
  7. The money you 'pay' for this service goes to charity (all of it!).

OK, so how does the service work?


If you would like an honest assessment of your business idea from an authority in starting and running businesses and would like to benefit a charity at the same time then please contact me.

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