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The service I offer is based around a site visit, I come to you, we sit and discuss your business / business idea in as much detail as required. This meeting is punctuated with my feedback about the quality or otherwise of your business model. Upon returning to my office I will make some notes and email you a summary report and recommendations.

Off the back of our discussion you should:

  • Be able to decide whether you want to proceed with the business / business idea or not.
  • Be clear about what problems you need to address, what questions you need to answer etc before you can meaningfully decide whether to proceed with or drop your business idea.
  • Have some new ideas about how to get the most of your business idea if you decide to run with it.

Sounds reasonable... how much does it cost?


If you would like an honest assessment of your business idea from an authority in starting and running businesses and would like to benefit a charity at the same time then please contact me.

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